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1apr.jpgRocky Mountain Apricot Sauce

One of our most unique sauces, first designed to enhance pork; however, it is an extremely versatile sauce which compliments everything. It is best described as a sweet and sassy sauce with a mild smooth fusion of apricot, tomatoes, brown sugar and tasty spices that coat with a crisp freshness. Because of its fruit base, you can grill, baste or BBQ with it, use in stir-fry or as a dip, even as a salad dressing.

No Fat - No Cholesterol - Low Sodium - No MSG - No HFCS


All Purpose Sauce
Enhance Pork
BBQ Sauce
Ham Sauce
Stir-Fry Sauce
Dipping Sauce
Salad Dressing 

Allergens: Milk

Awards Include:

Best Stuff on the Planet Award
Best Sauce in the Nation 
Best Sauce in Idaho  

Awarded Winner By:

Award Winner   Award Winner   AmericanRoyal1.jpg   Scovie Awards   Superior Product Awards   Other BBQ Awards


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